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Montana Big Game Species

Montana is home to ten species of Big Game. The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks regulates hunting of these species in order to keep species populations at sustainable levels and limit herd disease and starvation.

Some Deer & Elk tags may be purchased "over the counter", which means that you can go to any outdoors shop or a fwp office and purchase hunting tags. All Black Bear and Wolf tags may be purchased "over the counter", but the best regions for Deer & Elk hunting, as well as all tags for hunting the other Big Game Species require special permits which you must apply to receive.

At Never Miss, we will help you determine the best regions to apply to, and we will submit your applications for you. Subscribe today. You may learn more about each of the Montana Big Game species, their hunting seasons and application deadlines by selecting them from the list below.

Big Game Species
     Bighorn Sheep
     Bison (Buffalo)
     Mountain Goat
     Antelope (Pronghorn)
     Black Bear
     Mountain Lion

MT Big Game
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