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Montana Black Bear

Hunters must be able to tell the difference between a grizzly and a black bear because grizzly bears cannot be legally hunted in Montana. A hunter must take and pass a "black bear identification test" before purchasing a black bear hunting license. A hunter must present a certificate of completion issued by FWP at the time of purchase. This test may be taken online following this link: FWP Black Bear Identification Test.

There exist two hunting seasons for Black Bear in Montana, Spring and Fall. A hunter may purchase only one black bear license per year. Black Bear licenses may be purchased over-the-counter, online, or through Never Miss Tags. If you subscribe to our services you won't need to fill out any application forms or mail them in each year. We will do it for you. We will also send updates any time there are changes that may affect your upcoming hunt. Subscribe today to take advantage of these services.

After you successfully harvest a Black Bear you must leave evidence of the animal's sex and species naturally attached to the hide. You may be required to return to the kill site if requested to do so by an FWP employee. You must immediately validate the license, and validate and attache the hide and carcass tags. The properly validated license must remain with the meat (including cold storage) until consumed. Within five (5) days of harvesting a black bear the successful hunter must present to a Montana FWP official the complete bear hide and skull.

Black Bear season dates vary by region, and regulations change every year, so please check the fwp Black Bear regulations before planning your hunt. You should definitely plan to read the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Black Bear regulations prior to entering the field to ensure compliance to all regulations. Black Bear Regulations are updated by FWP in mid-February each year.

Black Bear
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