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Montana Deer

Montana is home to both trophy whitetail and mule deer populations. Most deer tags are not specific to a certain species, and may be used for either harvesting a whitetail or a mule deer.* Never Miss provides application assistance for special permit applications for Deer, Youth Deer, Backcountry Deer, Deer B, and SuperTag Deer licenses in Montana.

Your Never Miss subscription will not only guarantee that you "Never Miss" a special permit application deadline, but it will also help you identify which regions produce the most trophy-quality animals, how long it should take for you to draw a tag, and the average success rate for hunters in the region. Our automated online system will help you choose the best region to apply to, based on your unique hunting preferences.

Listed below are 2012 dates. 2013 dates should be close to the same. This site will be updated with 2013 dates once they are released, which will be during the first few months of 2013. General deer special permit applications are due by March 15, 2012. Deer B tag applications must be submitted by June 1, 2012, and supertag applications must be submitted by July 5, 2012. The archery season for deer runs Sept 01 - Oct 14. There is a two-day youth only season from Oct 18 - Oct 19. The general season runs Oct 20 - Nov 25. Backcountry hunts are allowed in regions 150, 151, 280, & 316, but packing harvested game out can be challenging, especially if the weather is warm. The backcountry season for archery is Sept 1 - Sept 14, and the general backcountry season runs from Sept 15 - Nov 25.*

These dates change from year to year. If you subscribe to our services you won't need to keep track of these dates or fill out the application forms and mail them in each year. We also send updates any time there are changes that may affect your upcoming hunt. Subscribe today to take advantage of these services.

*Please note that season dates can vary by district. The dates listed above are correct for most districts, but you should check fwp deer regulations before planning your hunt. You should definitely plan to read the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks deer regulations prior to entering the field to ensure compliance to all regulations. Deer Regulations are updated by FWP in early-September each year.

MT Deer
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