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Montana Pheasant

The ring-necked pheasant is one of the most beautiful birds in Montana. The male birds display vibrant plumage colors that shimmer in the sunlight. You can guage the age of your harvested bird by comparing the spurs of the feet.

Chances of harvesting pheasant decrease throughout the season, as the birds are intelligent and learn to run rather than fly from hunters. The use of a hunting dog that can track and flush game will usually increase your chances for success.

Pheasants may be taken by shotgun not larger than a ten guage, or by bow. It is unlawful to possess or transport within the state any pheasant unless one leg and foot are left naturally attached for evidence of sex. Female pheasant are not harvestable, unless you are hunting with a falcon during Falconry Season.

Listed below are 2012 dates. 2013 dates should be close to the same. This site will be updated with 2013 dates once they are released, which will be during the first few months of 2013. The general pheasant season dates are Oct 06 through Jan 01, and there is a bag limit of three male pheasants per day. The possession limit is nine birds. The falconry season allows either-sex hunting by falconry, with a daily bag limit of two birds and an aggregate possession limit of six birds.

*You should check fwp upland bird regulations before planning your hunt and prior to entering the field to ensure compliance to all regulations. Upland Game Bird Regulations are updated by FWP in mid-July each year.

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