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Montana Swan

Listed below are 2012 dates. 2013 dates should be close to the same. This site will be updated with 2013 dates once they are released, which will be during the first few months of 2013. The law requires that each waterfowl hunter 16 years of age and older must carry on his person a Federal Duck Stamp. The Federal Migratory Bird Stamp (Federal Duck Stamp) is available from the US Post Office as well as all Fish, Wildlife & Parks offices. The license is valid March 1st, 2012 through February 28, 2013. Montana further requires the purchase of Conservation License, a Hunting Access Enhancement Fee, and a MT Migratory Bird License in order to hunt Swan in Montana.

Hunters may apply for a swan permit. Applications are due by September 6th, and the applicant must possess a current year conservation license to apply. Successful applicants will be required to purcahse a Montana Migratory Bird license if necessary as specified in the regulations.

Migratory birds may be taken only by bow or shotgun not larger than ten guage incapable of holding more than three shells and fired from the shoulder. Harvested birds must retain the head or one fully feathered wing attached at all times during transport.

There are two Flyways with different regulations, the Pacific Flyway (Western Montana), and the Central Flyway (Eastern Montana). Please review the fwp migratory bird regulations before planning your hunt and prior to entering the field to ensure compliance to all regulations.

There are Federal migratory bird regulations that must be followed in addition to State regulations. You may review the federal regulations by following this link: Federal Migratory Bird Regulations. Migratory Game Bird Regulations are updated by FWP in early-September each year.

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