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Montana Wolf

Listed below are 2012 dates. 2013 dates should be close to the same. This site will be updated with 2013 dates once they are released, which will be during the first few months of 2013. Wolf populations in Montana have been growing too quickly and packs are decimating elk herds and other wildlife throughout the state. Wolves are astute prey, and are difficult to hunt. The Montana Department of Fish Wildlife & Parks has established hunting quotas to maintain environmental balance, but last year quotas were not reached, leaving the wolf population too high going into the winter months. As a result, the Wolf hunting season has been extended through Feb 28, 2013 and a Wolf trapping season has been initiated that will run from Dec 15 - Feb 28, 2013.

The combined maximum hunting and trapping bag limit is three wolves per person during the 2012-13 season. One wolf may be taken by means of hunting with a valid wolf license. Persons could take a combination of up to one wolf via hunting and two wolves via trapping or three wolves via trapping. If you plan to trap wolves, you must attend a wolf trapping certification class before setting any trap for a wolf. You must also hold a valid trapper license in Montana. Harvest quotas may be established for each WMU, and when the hunting season quota is reached in a WMU, the hunting season will close upon a 24-hour notice. Wolf harvest information may be obtained by calling 1-800-385-7826.

A wolf harvest must be reported within 24 hours by calling 1-877-397-9453. This number is available 24-hours a day. Successful hunters in backcountry areas will be allowed to report wolf harvests within 24 hours of reaching a trailhead except in WMU 316, a backcountry area with a quota, where successful hunters are required to report their harvest within 24 hours of taking a wolf.

Wolf hunting is new to Montana, and regulations are ever-changing. Please check the fwp wolf regulations before planning your hunt. You should definitely plan to read the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks wolf regulations prior to entering the field to ensure compliance to all regulations. Wolf Hunting Regulations are updated by FWP in early-August each year.

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